CPAP or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure has for many years been the gold standard treatment for moderate-severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea. What started off being a crude, noisy device used by Dr Colin Sullivan in 1980 is now a small silent unit which soon becomes a companion for a sleep apnea patient. Over the years there have been significant improvements in the technology of a CPAP machine. Companies like DeVilbiss Healthcare, ResMed and Respironics amongst many others have invested heavily in research to manufacture state of the art equipment to provide utmost patient care.

Now to answer the most important question- CPAP Machines : Are They Beneficial For You? The answer is YES. For a Moderate-Severe OSA patient the treatment from CPAP machine shows its positive effects from the first night. There is significant improvement in the quality of sleep with a remarked increase in REM sleep and N3 sleep. ?The Auto CPAP adjusts the pressure throughout the night to maintain the patency of the upper airway. This in turn ensures good oxygenation throughout the night which maintains optimal body functionality. The day after using the CPAP machine, a sleep apnea patient wakes up fresh, feels much more energetic and is able to concentrate more. For Mild OSA patients acceptability to CPAP is a little less as the adaptability to the new partner outweighs the benefits from the machine. The best CPAP in the market currently are the Respironics REM Star Auto Aflex, the ResMed AutoSet and Devilbiss DV54 Auto Adjust CPAP. All these CPAP machines come with Flex technology for added comfort to patient.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is often due to obesity and generally these patients?enter a vicious circle of daytime sleepiness and fatigue along with poor sleep which leads to further weight gain. CPAP machine takes these individuals out of this routine and ensures good sleep and makes individual energetic during the day. This allows the individuals to work out and better control their diet and move towards a healthier life style. Choosing the right device-one of the most common questions amongst sleep apnea patients. Firstly an individual must choose whether they require a Manual

CPAP machine or an Auto CPAP machine. The Auto CPAP comes with added?comfort and better acceptability but ofcourse at a price premium. Then it is important to get the right mask fitting and choosing the right mask. Lastly a patient can choose amongst the various brands of CPAP machine on parameters such as unique features, price, after sales service etc. In India ResMed and Respironics are market leaders. The distribution network and sales support of these companies would be the best in the country. DeVilbiss?Healthcare gives tough competition to these companies purely based on better?engineered and technologically sound product line in the Auto CPAP and manual CPAP segment.