right sleep centre

The first step towards treating your sleep disorder is diagnosis, which brings us to the very important task of choosing a good sleep centre.There are a few simple things to keep in mind while choosing the right sleep centre.

1. Your Sleep Specialist ?

Your sleep specialist will be there to assist you throughout the course of your treatment. Right from the initial evaluation, diagnostics to choosing the correct equipment and treatment plan. The most sought after credentials in a good sleep specialist is the RPSGT (Registered Polysomnographic Technologist). A RPSGT would have successfully completed a formal A-STEP (Accredited Sleep Technologist Education Program) training program accredited through the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM).

2. Quality Certifications –

A centre?s accreditation is a sign of robust protocols and quality practices. Two accreditations, which are a must in your checklist – a certified sleep specialist and a quality certified sleep centre. The highest standard of quality in India is the ISO 9001 certification. An ISO certified centre would have a certified sleep specialist, rooms well equipped with sophisticated diagnostic equipment, well trained technicians and medical professionals, full range of treatment equipment and robust follow up processes.

3. The facility set-up ?

CIt is important to feel at ease with your surroundings during your sleep test. A good sleep centre will make you feel at home and extremely comfortable in the set up. Your sleep clinic must have rooms fully equipped to offer you a home like environment for a peaceful night. Safety and hygiene are of utmost importance.

4. Effective treatment management ?

Sleep treatment is not just about getting a sleep study and choosing equipment. It is extremely crucial to constantly monitor your treatment and ensure that your CPAP machine is being used as per your disorder condition.?A right sleep centre will offer ongoing support in terms of regular pressure calibration and appropriate accessories to ensure you are well adjusted to your machine.

5. Complete Patient education ?

As a patient, you need to be well informed about your disorder and how will the treatment help you. Often patients may not comply with the correct therapy, as they are not educated on the condition and the ill effects of discontinued therapy. A right sleep centre will take appropriate measures to spreading knowledge through detailed patient counselling, blogs and patient resources. They will ensure you are constantly informed on the progress and benefits of your treatment.

A good sleep centre, which complies with all the above factors, is guaranteed to have the all-important traits of extreme professionalism, quality protocols and customer satisfaction. Be sure to take an informed decision as you take your first step towards your treatment and let your sleep specialists take care of the rest!