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Incentive Spirometer


Incentive Spirometer, Peak Flow Meter And Nasal Pads

We at Morpheus believe that best medical therapy includes holistically covering all aspects of treatment. We offer various accessories, which help patients in better management of their diseases.

    Incentive Spirometer : Also known as lung exercisers, this simple tool is extremely useful in improving lung function of individuals. It is recommended for chest physiotherapy and lung exercises.

    Peak Flow Meter: This small tool helps in keeping track of a patient’s improvement while on treatment of asthma or other disease. The peak flow meter measures how well can you breathe out and how strong are your respiratory muscles. This parameter can be easily be plotted on a graph and shared with physicians to see on-going improvement.

    Nasal Pads: Often patients using BiPAP machine with full-face mask develop sores or wounds on the bridge of their nose. Nasal pads are made of soft gel, which can be placed underneath the mask to improve comfort and tolerance.

Morpheus has a complete range of products and accessories for Sleep and Respiratory care for treatment and monitoring