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Insomnia Treatment


Insomnia Treatment

Insomnia is a common problem characterized by trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or getting restful sleep. We at Morpheus follow a multi dimensional approach to address Insomnia Treatment and Cure through our team of Sleep Specialists, Psychologists and Sleep Technologists.

Insomnia treatment will include:

  • Consultation with Sleep Specialist - Your consultation will include a detailed clinical assessment and sleep evaluation. A thorough understanding of the patient’s sleep cycle and lifestyle conditions is done.
  • Overnight testing – based on your evaluation, our specialist will advise suitable diagnostic and therapy tests for you.
  • Treatment Options – subsequent to your test results, our specialists will advise suitable treatment through CBT therapy and/or medicine as per for your individual needs.
  • Ongoing Follow Up – All our patients are under complete Morpheus care for their follow up treatment and ongoing report analysis.

Morpheus has a complete range of services for Sleep and Respiratory care, from treatment to medical equipment