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Medical Accessories


Medical Accessories

We at Morpheus believe that best medical therapy includes holistically covering all aspects of treatment. We offer various accessories, which help patients in better management of their diseases.

    Our range of durable medical equipment or accessories include products which are used complimentary with your CPAP / BiPAP devices like humidifier unit, different types of patient masks including full face and nasal, nasal pads for the nose etc. Other treatment accessories we provide are to help patients monitor their respiratory diseases. For daily monitoring of oxygen saturation we provide pulse oximeters. To encourage better management of your disease, we also urge patients to exercise their respiratory muscles using a respiratory lung exerciser and peak flow meter among others. Some additional small devices helpful for patient including BP monitor, blood glucose monitor, nebulizer kit, oxygen mask etc are also available.

    You can order our products online or give us a call to book home delivery and installation.

Morpheus has a complete range of products and accessories for Sleep and Respiratory care for treatment and monitoring