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Oxygen Concentrator


Oxygen Concentrator

An oxygen concentrator is a device that concentrates the oxygen from air around you to supply an oxygen enriched gas mixture to the patient. It is administered as a medical intervention for patients with low levels of oxygen saturation. This is a symptom is patients with severe respiratory disorders including COPD, ILD, Chronic Bronchitis etc. We offer a wide range of oxygen concentrators including static/stationary Oxygen Concentrators and portable Oxygen concentrators in good price through online for all over India. We dealin brands like Philips Respironics, DeVilbiss Healthcare and Airsep for Oxygen Concentrator devices.

Morpheus Advantage:

  • Right Clinical Diagnosis: Our specialists and pulmonologists screen all patient records to identify the best medical device for the patient. Good therapy begins from finding out the type of equipment best suited for you.
  • Choose the Perfect Mask: We have a wide range of masks including gel masks and silicon masks. These come in different sizes and types (nasal mask, full face mask, pillow mask) . We help you choose the most comfortable mask as per facial structure.
  • Humidification:In dry and cold environments humidification improves therapy and can be added on to PAP therapy. Trial and Adjustment: Even automatic machines such as Auto CPAP and Auto BiPAP have patient specific settings, which need to be adjusted during the first 2-3 days off therapy to make the patient comfortable. We ensure trial and optimal pressure setting for long term benefit.
  • Follow Up Program: Therapy begins at diagnosis but is constantly monitored by our team and all reports are regularly shared with physicians for constant adjustment of therapy for best treatment.

Morpheus has a complete range of products and accessories for Sleep and Respiratory care for treatment and monitoring