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PAP Titration


PAP Titration Test And Treatment

PAP Titration is the Gold Standard Test for managing and finding optimal treatment for all sleep related breathing disorders. Pressures, Modes and Functional Parameters of CPAP and BiPAP are monitored and managed overnight to determine optimal settings suited for your needs. PSG graphs are interpreted alongside with respiratory parameters to ensure that optimal therapy is provided with an aim to enhance sleep efficiency and quality of life.

Key Features:

  • Home-Like sleep environment to reduce anxiety of testing and ensure patient comfort.
  • Therapy modes include CPAP, APAP, BiPAP S, ST, T, AVAPS and ASV
  • Protocols for testing based on AASM ( American Academy of Sleep Medicine) standards.
  • Correction of Apneas ( Central, Obstructive, Mixed), hypopneas, RERA’s, Flow Limitation, hypoventilation and Snoring.
  • Detection of limb movements.
  • Accurate staging of sleep and sleep architecture.
  • Each room is equipped with air conditioning and a private bathroom. Fresh bed linen and toiletries provided to each patient

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