sleep diagnostic and treatment center in delhi

Morpheus Healthcare was founded in 2013 with a vision to be the country’s preferred healthcare partner and set the highest standards of quality and comprehensive healthcare at your doorstep.

With India’s first ISO Certified sleep diagnostic and treatment center, our specialists are well equipped to diagnose and manage sleep related disorders including Sleep Apnea, Insomnia, Restless Leg syndrome among others.

Backed by our team of chest specialists, we offer a wide range of products and pulmonary services, which enable healthcare providers to treat severe respiratory disorders and chronic conditions like COPD, ILD and Emphysema.

Our comprehensive range of services is aimed at providing complete support to the patient from diagnosis to effective home care and disease management combined with vital equipment support.

Our motto “Better Sleep, Better Health, Better Life” illustrates our philosophy that health and wellbeing are fundamental to a prosperous life. It is our constant endeavour to provide superior services focussed on patient satisfaction and promote a balanced lifestyle.


"Morpheus has a fabulous collection of equipment for home medical care. Their staff is well trained and educated to help out and they take even minor details into consideration before recommending the best suited machines. My mother has been using their machine for sleep apnea for almost a year now and she has never felt better!! Thank you for all your help guidance and support Team Morpheus!"

Ms. Aashna Gulati

“Before enrolling in their Pulmonary Rehab program, I had no energy and was very short of breath, unable to walk even very short distances without stopping to rest. After just one month of undergoing Pulmonary Rehab with Morpheus, I am able to walk thirty minutes or more with no effort and my family is delighted with my newfound energy. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone who suffers from any respiratory disease. The team at Morpheus is very professional and caring of all their patients. There focus is to help patients deal with their disease and live life as comfortably as possible!”

Mrs. Lata Mahajan

"Morpheus has actually given me a second life. I was in a very bad shape before and I did not understand the reason for my condition . After I met Aprameya from the Morpheus team, who really guided me properly, there has been a major positive change in my life. Thanks to Morpheus and the team."

Mr. Basanta Bose

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